Who’s Next – the greatest rock album of all time

Who’s Next is the best album produced by the Who in their 50 year career. It is also , in my opinion , the best rock album of all time .
The songs represents Townsend’s creative peak as a writer and the album’s unique sound was largely created by the extensive use of synthesisers .
The album starts with Baba O’Riley , one of the Who’s standout  live tracks . The synthesiser loop in the introduction to the song was innovative at the time .
My Wife is bassist John Entwistle’s contribution in terms of songwriting to the album . The song driven by Entwistle’s bass line and features a powerful brass break with Entwistle multi tracking .

The Song is Over is a poignant song about the end of a love affair .

The distinctive sound of Won’t get Fooled Again was produced by a Lowrey organ fed through an ARP synthesiser .

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